What’s Next for Responsible Sourcing

The topic of ‘audit fatigue’ has been around for almost as long as the responsible sourcing profession itself.  When high-profile exposés in the 1990s revealed human rights abuses in the apparel and footwear supply chain, brands saw factory audits as part of the solution.

E-Learning: Expanding Workers’ Knowledge and Opportunities

Imagine having any information you want at your fingertips. That is increasingly becoming a reality, one mobile application at a time. Electronic learning (e-Learning), especially via mobile devices, has made education accessible and affordable to more people than ever before, and it continues to be the wave of the future.

Enhanced Advisory Services for Supplier Ownership and Capacity Building

Enhanced Account Management, a new service from Labor Solutions, is designed to provide additional support to specific facilities and to help buyers sort the underprepared facilities from the negligent. Because no workplace is perfect, Enhanced Account Management emphasizes progress over perfection.

Nike’s Engagement and Wellbeing Survey Now Available to Anyone

The Engagement and Wellbeing Survey is designed to help suppliers better track and facilitate factory worker engagement. Featuring 21 questions, the survey covers topics like safety, stress, financial security, and general wellbeing. The goal of the survey is to help managers identify opportunities to better support employees and encourage two-way communication.