Using WOVO to Empower Female Factory Workers

Supply chain factories are often located in poor countries with low-labor costs and few protections for workers. In these settings, challenges like unsafe working conditions and unfair labor practices are the norm. For women, who represent a majority of the factory workforce in many segments, the challenges are even greater. 

Workplace Options Recognized in Transformative Technology Report

Migrant workers around the globe are vulnerable to abusive labor practice for a variety of reasons including language barriers, minimal education and lack of familiarity with legal rights. Businesses are facing pressure to uncover and address abusive practices taking place within their supply chains.

Radio Programs Highlight Need for Worker Voice

Radio programs are giving garment workers in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu a platform to address factory working condition. Callers to the show are sharing personal examples of poor factory working conditions including harassment, long working hours, and inadequate wages.

Increasing Worker Engagement With Employee Surveys

Surveys, when conducted correctly, are effective at gathering a balanced and representative view of what employees think, enabling organizations to make data-based decisions and spend funds more effectively.

Skilled Workforce Shortage Creates Training Imperative

In today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving business environment, the need to upskill and retrain employees is greater than ever. According to a survey by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, three-fourths of corporate CEOS see the availability of key skills as the biggest threat to their business.

Garment Worker Study Demonstrates Value of Worker Voice

Achyuta Adhvaryu (Assistant Professor, University of Michigan), Teresa Molina (Assistant professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa) and Anant Nyshadham (Assistant professor, Boston College) recently released a working paper called “More Money, More Problems: Expectations, Wage Hikes and Worker Voice.” The paper details the first real-world study of economist Albert Hirschman’s landmark thesis on the relationship between voice and exit.

Workplace Options introduces WOVO, an innovative worker engagement platform

With WOVO, Workplace Options continues to be the industry leader in worker voice tools. By providing secure, anonymous channels for workers to communicate directly with employers and human resource teams, risks are drastically reduced, workers are more engaged, and employers are better able to make data-driven decisions.

Building an Efficient and Effective Worker Feedback System

Worker feedback is critical to building a productive and engaged workforce. It has been said that companies with high engagement levels make two and a half times more in revenue than their competitors with low engagement levels. Highly engaged businesses also see a 20% increase in sales. Yet, worldwide, only 13% of employees are engaged.

Making the World a More Sustainable Place

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals give all countries – no matter their size or wealth – an action plan to achieve social and environmental justice. While the goals are large in scope and meant to address the world as a whole, businesses can do their part to help the progress.