Labor Solutions is a global company with an established track record of working cross-industry to support companies to engage workers through improved human resources tools, trainings and program design.  Our specialized expertise is supporting vulnerable workers in factories, farms and mines.

The Labor Solutions team provides an array of advisory services including:

  • Research and Needs Assessments
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Program, Policy and Framework Design
  • Implementation
  • Reporting and Monitoring
  • Onsite Workshops and Trainings

We are where you are. Our client advisers are in 13 countries and speak 17 languages.

Our client advisers and industry experts with years of on the ground experience in variety of fields. 

  • Human resource development
  • Going beyond compliance
  • Issue management & rebuilding trust in the workplace
  • Effective worker well-being programs
  • Building leaders within the company
  • Building internal training capacity
  • Grievance management and worker committee design
  • Designing and analyzing your own surveys
  • Making data-based decisions