About Labor Solutions

Founded in 2013 Labor Solutions’ mission is to leverage technology to bring high quality worker engagement and wellbeing services to minimum wage workers in emerging markets.

Labor Solutions provides a suite of services designed for and used amongst factory, fishing, farming, and mining workers including:

  • Consulting and Advisory Services
  • WOVO- A Worker Engagement Technology Platform
  • Worker Surveys
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • E-learning for Workers and Management
  • Customized Social Sustainability Programs and Technology Solutions

Global Reach

One million workers served in over 19 countries and 17 languages including;

Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Philippines, India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, United States, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, Ethiopia and the United Kingdom

Our Story

In 2013 Labor Solutions was founded by Workplace Options, the largest provider of employee wellbeing services. Workplace Options was asked by Nike to extend its services into manufacturing units in emerging markets, and so Labor Solutions was born. We quickly learned that in order to meet the scale and price point we needed to be successful, we would need to focus on technology. After several years of growth within Workplace Options, a services company, it became clear that Labor Solutions would be even more successful as a technology company. In 2020, Labor Solutions became an independent entity.

A Leader in Worker Tech

Labor Solutions is a leader in technology for factory, mining and farming workers globally. Some of the projects we’ve implemented and worked on include:

  • Implemented and supported a facility owned worker engagement platform that reaches 500,000 workers in 13 countries and 17 languages for a shoe company
  • Deployed worker engagement surveys to global facilities for a leading shoe and apparel brand
  • Conducted surveys and implemented a helpline in electronics factories in Malaysia for an industry group
  • Established a internal worker dialogue program using mobile phone technology for a leading electronics manufacturer
  • Provided advisory services to a global retail chain on collecting worker feedback
  • Provided over 40,000 hours a year of advisory services to clients on managing and establishing worker engagement and grievance systems
  • Designed & implemented a global grievance line for a leading fast fashion manufacturer to meet FLA standards

Our Team

Elena Fanjul-Debnam, Founder and CEO

Budiman Wikarsa, Founder and COO

Bijie Li, VP of Client Advisory Services

Kushal Anjanappa, VP of Technology Development

Krystal Bouverot, VP of Operations

Lordiclare Suriawinata, Director of Innovation