Third-Party Hotline Service, Professionally & Anonymously Collecting Employee Grievances and Workplace Concerns

Labor Line provides workers with an accessible avenue to raise concerns to a trusted third party, while providing organizations with confidence that grievances are being handled according to their protocol and the data they need is being collected. Each line is customized to meet your specific needs, while ensuring confidentiality, quality, and global coverage.

Workers can reach us using SMS, phone call, or both.
Set your own protocol, or use ours
Labor Line is completely customizable to your needs. Operators will follow your protocol to make sure you get the data you need.
Manage cases and view live data
Manage remediation and investigations from our dashboard in real time.
24/7 live answer, over 15 spoken languages
Multilingual live answer to cover your entire supply chain.
In The Moment Counseling & Support
Up to an hour of telephonic counseling by a qualified accredited counselor. WPO Counselors are trained in short-term solution based therapy. Each session will focus on providing immediate emotional relief and tools for coping in the future.
Grievance Reporting
Operators will take calls and follow the protocol established during the Workplace of Choice Program.
Daily Living Support and Resources
Operators and counselors can provide in-the-moment support and resources for practical issues facing migrant workers. This may include referrals to in-person local support from NGOs or other local services.

Customized Protocol. Breaking Language Barriers. Fast Live Answer.

One helpline for your entire supply chain.