Mobile Phone–Based, Personalized, Proactive Coaching

Providing workers with more than 100 coaching programs and direct access to a live professional life coach

Micro-Coaching focuses on physical, emotional, and practical wellbeing. It consistently engages workers by pushing informative messages and allows users to choose training programs. Workers can ask questions at any time to live professional life coaches. Customizable programs are available. All programs are in the local language. It is available via SMS or on our customized application.

Interactive Coaching
Two-way informative personal coaching programs by professional life coaches.
Global Wellbeing Questionnaire
Provides a snapshot of workers’ health. The survey measures physical wellbeing, emotional resilience, readiness, and self-confidence.
Program Variety
The user-driven program includes a wide range of topics. Subject experts develop each program’s curriculum.
Micro-Coaching is offered 24/7 direct to workers’ mobile phones, reducing fears of privacy loss, new technology, and time spent off work.


of users found Micro-Coaching programs useful and helpful


return on investment


less likely to quit


of users report being happier, healthier, and more productive

Micro-Coaching Program Catalogue

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Personal Interactive Coaching.
Generous Program Variety. Accurate Reports.

Micro-Coaching was designed to be the simplest, most affordable personal coaching program in the industry. Micro-Coaching strives to engage users and promote behavioral change to reduce stress.

Practical Wellbeing

“Practical wellbeing” refers to the everyday things we all need to be well—whether it be financial support, parenting, or personal safety. These programs work to reduce the stress of everyday living.

Physical Wellbeing

“Physical wellbeing” refers to keeping our bodies healthy. In our physical wellbeing programs, participants learn about common illnesses, when to see a doctor, how to stay healthy, and how to prevent future ailments.

Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing programs focus on emotional awareness, ability to change, and self-confidence. These programs help workers to better understand their emotional challenges.

Our Micro-Coaching team is constantly working to improve and add features.

I’ve learned a lot of valuable knowledge in the importance of staying fit and healthy. Now, it’s been a month since I do regular aerobic and weekly jogging session. Thank you Micro-Coaching!
An employee in a shoe factory
Thank you for the support Micro-Coaching. The advice was very helpful, now I can resist smoking.
An employee in a mining company
Micro-Coaching supported me in coping with my problems.
I can’t share my problems with my children yet, they are too young. With Micro-Coaching,
I don’t feel alone.
An employee in a farming company