Supporting Factory Workers Impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic and Economic Fallout

The COVID-19 pandemic and economic fallout is especially devastating for factory workers in emerging markets, with an estimated 80% of manufacturing workers already laid off or indefinitely furloughed without pay. Millions have lost their income and returned home to dense villages lacking sufficient health facilities. Conditions will likely worsen over the coming weeks as household savings deplete, infection spreads, symptoms become severe, and already weak local healthcare systems become inundated. 

Designed to address the mounting challenges faced by current and former factory workers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic in Indonesia, India, Cambodia and Vietnam, atun is a free mobile application that provides users with access to critical tools and information.

For Employers

We know this time is challenging. We hope atun can help give you some piece of mind.

Are you an employer and have the phone numbers of all or some of your workers? We’ll make sure that all your workers have access to our tool for free.

Tell us when you are reopening, and we’ll send a broadcast message out to our community to let them know.

Check out the atun Employer Toolkit for resources and support promoting atun in your facility.

What to manage your own system and send only your workers messages? Check out our WOVO application.

Find more free resources for factories managing the coronavirus here. 

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Get Involved

Promote atun to suppliers. Use our Brand and Retailer Toolkit to get the resources you need.

Promote atun to workers and stakeholders. Share promotional materials with local stakeholders like industry groups, unions etc. Check often, updated daily. 

Provide financial support. This program needs money to keep doing good work. Reach out for more information on how you can help.

Provide in-kind-donations. Donate your time and resources to help us reach more workers in more countries. 

Become a strategic partner: Can your organization add value to atun? Can you dedicate staff time and resources to help scale atun? 

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