Support workers in improving their teamwork, managerial and professional skills. Empower workers with the tools they need to grow their careers and advance within the workplace.

Provide workers will the tools they need to improve their emotional, physical and financial well-being. Interactive courses help promote behavior change and lead to healthier, happier workers.

Courses on workplace safety, harassment and abuse and more. Ensure your entire workforce gets critical information and completes the courses.

Create your own courses to share with workers and ensure your whole workforce receives the same information.

Real-Time Dynamic Analytics

Ensure everyone has access to the same courses.  Use data to make better decisions.

Data available for personal well-being courses includes;

  • See your data summarized by demographics that protects worker confidentiality but still communicate population trends
  • Aggregated Reporting where you have control on the content you want to visualize
  • Gather an understanding of trend

For professional development courses, learn more:

  • Flexible and detailed per employee reporting
  • Track who has taken the trainings
  • Track scores from trainings