Affordable, Actionable Data to Meet Your Needs

Options to bring you a variety of insights.

Worker Wellbeing and Engagement Survey
Measures specific data points from inside and outside the workplace that are known to directly impact worker engagement and the company’s bottom line.
Global Wellbeing Questionnaire
Provides a snapshot of workers’ health. The survey measures physical wellbeing, emotional resilience, readiness, and self-confidence.
Worker Rights Survey

Measures workers’ knowledge of their rights and the preservation of those rights at the workplace.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Three questions to evaluate trends in worker engagement. NPS provides you with a score from 1 to 100. This is typically conducted more often than other surveys.
Sexual Harassment Survey
Measures workers’ experience with, perception of, and understanding of policies about harassment in the workplace.
Make your own Survey

We can tailor a survey to your needs.  You can get information from your workforce on a variety of topics with a custom survey.  Contact us for more information.

Survey Deployment Types

Choose the deployment that works for you:

On-Site Deployment

SMS Remote Deployment

WOVO App Remote Deployment

WeChat Remote Deployment

Survey Management and Reporting

WPO can manage the survey deployment and reporting for you

  • Ensure statistically relevant sample size
  • Global aggregated reports and facility specific reports
  • Detailed analysis and comparative analysis if available
  • Ensure the confidentiality of respondents
  • Collect data not asked in the survey, like demographic information
  • Customized deployment plan per facility
  • WOVO not required

You can manage the survey deployment and reports yourself using WOVO

  • Use your own survey and or survey vendor
  • Send whenever you want, instantly
  • Select groups you would like it to be sent to
  • Schedule surveys to send automatically
  • No set-up
  • No additional costs

** Must have WOVO

Get even more data with Focus Group Discussions.

Take a deep dive into your survey results with a Focus Group Discussion. Our local FGD leaders, managed and led by an experienced global team, work with your workers to get a better understanding of your organization’s strengths, successes and challenges.

Our comprehensive report will include actionable data to help you decide on the best counter measure tools. Our FGDs are followed by a comprehensive report and review of results.

Sedex Worker Wellbeing Assessment

Workplace Options’ Labor Solutions Team is an approved vendor for the Sedex Worker Wellbeing Assessment.  For more information about this tool, please visit Sedex’s website.

Nike Engagement Wellbeing Survey

Workplace Options’ Labor Solutions Team is an approved vendor for the Nike Engagement Wellbeing Survey (EWB). Nike has made the EWB survey available to other companies to encourage factory worker wellbeing efforts.