Select a standard Labor Solutions questionnaire or work with our team to design a customized survey.

We’ll work with you to decide the best deployment method and time for each facility. We offer on-site as well as remote deployments.

Decide who you want to survey and work with our team to determine a statistically relevant sample size.

Our survey system supports multiple languages, optional voice recordings, pictures and definitions to help workers with different literacy needs.

Use our standard live- dynamic reporting tools or customize the reports to meet your needs.

Real-Time Dynamic Analytics

Intelligence on Indicators & Risk Drivers

Our reports are available live online, allowing you to sort and compare as you please.

We release reports only after confidence level is met or survey period is over to prevent tampering of data and ensure the highest quality of results.

Global and Local Reporting

Everything is local. To drive real change, providing local reports is key.  We also provide global reports to help you compare work-sites and understand trends.

Deployment Methods Designed for Workers

Flexible Deployments, Comparable Data Sets

Different facilities and workers need different deployment methods. At Labor Solutions we work with you and local facilities to determine the best deployment method.

  • Onsite Deployment
  • Deployment via QR Code
  • Remote Deployment via WOVO
  • Remote Deployment via SMS/Text Message
  • Remote Deployment via WeChat


Use our standard surveys or pull from our question bank to design your own. Our standard surveys cover:
  • Engagement and Well-being
  • Forced Labor and Migrant Workers Rights
  • Social Compliance
  • Harassment and Abuse
  • Recruitment and Hiring

Use WOVO to send short surveys more frequently. All worker pulse surveys include our standard worker promoter score question that allows you to quickly track and compare trends across facilities. Deploying directly from WOVO allows you easily manage your surveys by yourself and collect data from the back-end so workers have to answer fewer questions.

We can help design a customized survey to meet your needs or implement a survey you already have developed.

Labor Solutions is an approved for the Sedex Worker Well-being Assessment.  “A new worker-centric tool that measures worker satisfaction and job quality to support buyers and employers increase to move beyond compliance and measure their impact on workers’ lives."

Labor Solutions is an approved vendor for the Nike Engagement Well-being Survey (EWB). Nike has made the EWB survey available to other companies to encourage factory worker well-being efforts.