Building Resiliency Through Engagement

At Labor Solutions we specialize in supporting employers of large groups of minimum wage workers in manufacturing, services, farming and mining settings.

We know employers in these settings face unique and specific challenges– from managing a dispersed workforce and high turnover rates, to dealing with issues of literacy and education to navigating ever changing demands from governments, regulatory bodies and clients. Labor Solutions can help you better manage the needs of your workforce and clients.

At Labor Solution we focus tools and services to help increase worker engagement to improve your company's resiliency.

Increased worker engagement improves retention, productivity and decreases absenteeism.

Not only do our tools directly improve engagement, but our data can help you and your team make better decisions and take actions to help prevent strikes and get ahead of problems. Worker engagement is an ongoing process, our tools and services are designed to help you and your team every step of the way.

We design specialized programs to fit you and your unique needs.

Our Client Advisors are with you throughout the process to help adjust the program to fit your needs and help you overcome new challenges. Click here to speak to a Client Advisor.

Use WOVO to directly interface with workers every day through their mobile phones. Send newsletters, conduct surveys respond to questions, distribute e-learnings and payslips.

Conduct a survey and focus group discussion to understand your employees’ needs or measure your progress.

Upskill your management and human resource teams to better respond during crises and prevent strikes.