Engaging. Listening. Including. Learning.

For too long workers have been left out of the social sustainability conversation. Our goal, at Labor Solutions, is to include, listen to and engage workers.  We don’t just want to collect what workers have to say, we want to facilitate dialogue between workers and managers and  engage workers in the process of improvement.

We strive to move from a focus on human rights to a focus on human resources. Employers have a fiduciary responsibility to go beyond human rights.  Workers should be treated well because their wellbeing directly impacts the bottom line of their company.

Worker-Centric Design

All of our tools are developed using worker- centric design, with the goal to improve worker access to information, decision makers and learning.

Using SMS, WeChat, or our smartphone application, WOVO, workers can:

  • Anonymously provide instant feedback whenever they want
  • Access e-learnings on a rage of  personal wellbeing topics, including finance, care giving and emotional wellbeing
  • Learn about compliance standards and their rights
  • Gain professional development skills
  • Hear directly from leadership
  • Access information about their rights
  • See their pay slip
  • And more

What Workers Are Saying


of Workers Reported Health Improvements


of Workers Made a Positive Life Change


of Workers Would Recommend WOVO E-learning to a Friend