More Engaged Workers. Better Data.

Accessible to Everyone

No matter what device they use, workers can connect with you.

Worker Dialogue Tools

2- Way Anonymous Communication

Workers can anonymously submit grievances, questions, and suggestions directly from their phones via the WOVO application, SMS or WeChat. Managers are able to receive, respond and sort messages from their online dashboards. The ongoing dialogue allows managers to get to the bottom of what happened and workers to understand how the issue is being addressed.

Instant Worker Surveys 

Conduct your own surveys when you want, to whom you want and distribute directly to workers phones, via SMS or the WOVO application. Use Labor Solutions standard surveys, including our Worker Pulse Survey or create your own.  Receive global and local results from your dashboard.







Company Tools and Broadcasting

Corporate Broadcast Messages

Directly from your WOVO Dashboard send a message out to all workers, or groups of workers at once, no matter what device they are using, they’ll receive your message.

Newsletters and Calendar Invites

Keep workers engaged with information about the company‘s successes and changes by sending updates and event reminders via the WOVO application. Workers can respond and RSVP directly from their WOVO application.

Worker Handbooks and Policies

Post important information, like your code of conduct, worker handbook directly on the WOVO application for easy worker access.

Digital Payslips

Distribute pay slips digitally so workers are clear about their pay and can easily access information they need.


Provide workers with access to services they need to grown professionally and personally. On-demand e-learning courses meet workers where they are and give them the tools to succeed.

Professional Development E-Learning Courses

Empower workers with the tools they need to grow their careers and advance within the workplace. Developed to help workers get in compliance and gain additional skills to help them grow their careers by improving their teamwork, managerial and professional skills. Employers can track progress of workers and see scores after the completion of programs

Personal Wellbeing E-Learning Courses

Provide workers will the tools they need to improve their emotional, physical and financial wellbeing. Interactive courses help promote behavior change and lead to healthier, happier workers.

Customized E-Learning Courses

Create your own courses to share with workers and ensure your whole workforce receives the same information and meets the same competencies. Many clients upload on-boarding material and compliance trainings.

Instant Dynamic Analytics

All of the activity on WOVO creates data that we turn into dynamic reports accessible directly from your dashboard.

Better Understand Areas of Excellence Improvement

Follow department and facility trends to make small changes and understand success and challenges on a micro-level. Better understand sentiment towards individual line managers.

Track Issues Over Time

Use message cadence charts to identify changes in behavior quickly. Changes in cadence of messages directly align with worker behavior and sentiment and can predict things like strikes.  It also helps you better understand and address reoccurring problems.

Track Worker Learnings

See which curriculums are trending, how workers are scoring on quizzes and how many workers have completed a required curriculum.

Dynamic Reports Instantly Available

Click on reports items to drive deeper or use demographic or time to slice data.  Data is updated constantly. Excel downloads available.

Global Reporting

Aggregated reports from more than one Dashboard within a group allows users to have globally comparable data

Our Client Advisers Support You Every Step of the Way

Analytics and Professional Services

10 Hours Free Client Advisory Services

No matter which WOVO services you choose, you’ll receive 10 hours of free client advisory services, including structured quarterly calls to review data, goals and improvement-based training.

Easily add on additional hours and support to meet your needs.

Free Access to Collective Training on Feature Updates and Use Optimization

Some clients need even more support. Learn more about Enhanced Advisory Services Management.


Return on Investment


Reduction in Turnover


Reduction in Turnover After a Long Holiday


More Communication Between Managers and Workers

Praise for WOVO

A shoe factory in Indonesia
"We saw an extreme boost in employees’ willingness to communicate with us once we implemented ... Employee anonymity and convenience has been essential to its success."
An electronics factory in Malaysia
"... provides a better structure for our internal communication. It gave our employees a sense of security."
An apparel factory in China
"We saw a direct relationship between the number of messages we received from a department and the turnover rate. We were able to narrow in on problems and make quick decisions and change."

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