A Digital System for a More Engaged Workforce and Better-Informed Management

Feedback, statistics, customer experiences, and other information on this page may pertain to technology used in WOVO that was featured in a previous version of the product known as WPOConnect.


WOVO is an integrated mobile and web-based system, available via SMS text message, WeChat and our easy-to-use application.

Receive More Information with Effective Communication

Clients have experienced…


Reduction in response time to workers questions and complaints


Increase in communication with workers

Plug and Play

Choose features you and your employees need

WOVO Provides Employee Voice Tools

Connect Directly With Employees → Increased Engagement

2 Way Anonymous Communication

Receive, respond and manage anonymous employee suggestions, questions & grievances.

“I AM SAFE” Function

Quickly gather data from employees during an emergency. Account for who is safe and who needs help.

Instant Employee Surveys

Conduct your own surveys distribute directly to employees phones, despite if they have smart phones.

WOVO Employee Voice
WOVO Wellbeing Tools

WOVO Gives Workers Tools for Wellbeing

On Demand Support→ Empowered Workers

Professional Development E-Learning Courses

Empower employees with the tools they need to grow and advance their careers

Personal Wellbeing E-Learning Courses

Interactive courses help promote behavior change and lead to healthier, happier workers.

Personalized Coaching

Access personalized coaching provided by qualified local social workers to help provide motivation and support.

WOVO Company Tools Make Communication Easy

Easily Distribute Company Information, Reinforce Company Mission

Company Broadcast and Newsletters

Send out broadcasts or newsletters to all employees at once, preventing miscommunications, keeping employees engaged and updating employees on company successes.

Company Calendar Invites

Invite workers to events like trainings, remind them of paydays, holidays and other important dates.

Employee Handbook

Post your employee handbook on the app for employees to have easy access to company information.

Digital Pay-slips

Employees can receive digital pay-slips using the WOVO App, SMS or WeChat.

WOVO Company Tools

Cross-Platform Access to Connect With Everyone

Choose which access points to provide employees

Employees can connect online, using the WOVO mobile app, SMS- text message and WeChat.

Analytics & Professional Services Give You More Information and Expert Support

No matter which WOVO features you buy, you’ll always receive our professional support services free of charge.

Easily Manage WOVO from Your Online Dashboard

Manage your WOVO account, respond directly to workers, send out surveys, broadcasts and newsletters and gather data easily from your online dashboard.

Instant Online Analytics

Track worker trends, get actionable data and make decisions with your online analytics updated daily and available quickly from your WOVO Dashboard.

Local & Global Account Management

Every client is assigned a specific account manager to provide support, training and consultation throughout your relationship with WPO.

Global Coverage, Local Solutions

Available in 17 languages, translated and acculturated to fit the local needs of all your employees.

For more information contact us at LaborSolutions@workplaceoptions.com

Analytics and Professional Services

Success Stories

Available 24/7 and 365 days a year, WOVO is ordered directly to an employee’s mobile phone. A historic moment for effective internal communication.

A shoe factory in Indonesia
"We saw an extreme boost in employees’ willingness to communicate with us once we implemented ... Employee anonymity and convenience has been essential to its success."
An electronics factory in Malaysia
"... provides a better structure for our internal communication. It gave our employees a sense of security."
An apparel factory in China
"We saw a direct relationship between the number of messages we received from a department and the turnover rate. We were able to narrow in on problems and make quick decisions and change."